Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Being In Thirteen The Musical

My theatre's run of Thirteen the Musical Closed on February 8th, 2015. I didn't have a huge part, as I was a student, Whitney and a geek in "Being A Geek" and all of the ensemble scenes. But honestly, It was one of the best experiences of my life.

I saw 13 when i was 6 years old. Umm we had no idea, just saying. I remember sitting there in shock during "Any Minute". But ever since then, I have wanted to do the show. I was talking to my friend Craig one day before rehearsals when i was informed 13 might be an option for the winter poll. I was so excited. any way- 13 won by a landslide

It isn't just the music, the characters, or the sets that made my cast and i fall in love with the show, it was the fact tha, well, everything is relatable to 13 year olds. Yes, i don't know many guys who have their friends sing a song about the tongue to get a girl on a date. And yes, i know that most towns doin't have only One Jewish family in it, but the hilariously relatable material made 13 amazing.

We had so much fun creating our characters too. Me and my friends playing "Simon " & "Sarah" decided that Whitney and Simon were shipped, (im not gonna type our ship name, but put S before hitney Whitney) haha get it? and Whitney had a mad crush on Eddie or Brett, depending on the show. We were stupid.....

And i ended up loving my part;Even though i bombed my audition. I just said to myself, "If That's What It Is, Then That's What It Is".

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