Saturday, January 17, 2015

Musical Theatre Audition Tips

I'm always asked by my friends about preparing for auditions. So here are my most helpful audition tips:

 One week or two before your audition:
  • Pick a song (or songs) that shows off your voice,that's age-appropriate, you are comfortable singing, and fills the requirements for your audition
  • Practice the song at least once a day before your audition, but don't over practice, you don't want to lose you voice
  • Update and Proof read your resume; higlight you favorite roles
  • Look at the audition requirements; make sure you fill them and bring the appropriate material
  • Get your sheet music or karaoke track ready; make sure it is in the right key
The night before your audition:
  • Pick out your audition attire: Make sure you can dance in it; don't look too fancy, but don't look too casual
  • Pack your bag: pack your dance shoes (if needed), your music, a water, and non-messy energy snack like a CLIFF bar
  • GET A TON OF SLEEP!!- get to bed earlier if you have to get up early, or sleep in for a later audition
  • Set an alarm for the morning 15 minutes before you have to get up so you have time to wake up
The morning of:
  • Eat a good breakfast! - you NEED the energy
  • Take a shower to wake you up
  • Relax
  • Take a deep breath and trust in yourself
hope these helped! love g

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